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$stringVal = "12.06"; $stringConvertedToFloat = floatval( $stringVal ); // The floatval function will return the argument converted // to a float value if the value can be converted. // IF the value cannot be converted these are the values that will be // returned: // Empty Array: returns 0. eg: floatval([]); // Non-Empty Array: returns 1. eg: floatval(["ab", "12"]) // String with a non-numeric value as the left most character: returns 0. eg: floatval("ab12") // String with one or more numeric values as the left most characters: returns those characters as a float. eg: floatval("12ab1") will return 12. // Oh the joys of php

convert a value to a float in php

$int = intval($float);

php float to int

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