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Since this question is getting a lot of attraction, I decided to post what worked for me Remove Specific User's Specific Reaction // Channel = the channel object of the message's original channel // MessageID = ID of the message, if hard coding, put around quotations eg: "1234" const msg = await channel.messages.fetch(MessageID); msg.reactions.resolve("REACTION EMOJI, REACTION OBJECT OR REACTION ID").users.remove("ID OR OBJECT OF USER TO REMOVE"); Note: If using an older version of discord.js, simply replace channel.messages.fetch with channel.fetchMessage

discord.js remove reaction

const userReactions = message.reactions.cache.filter(reaction => reaction.users.cache.has(userId)); try { for (const reaction of userReactions.values()) { await reaction.users.remove(userId); } } catch (error) { console.error('Failed to remove reactions.'); }

discord js remove reaction from user

@client.event async def on_reaction_add(reaction, user): if reaction.message.content == "try me": await reaction.remove(user)

discord bot remove message reaction

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