npm cache clean --force then run npm i

SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input while parsing near '...version":"2.0.6","devD' cli

This is not a definitive answer but it looks like your global packages are corrupted in some way. This bug may be caused by many different things. I suggest doing the following. 1 Install Node Version Manager (or NVM for Windows) and install Node version 10.16.1. This is enough for angular 9 and from my experience it is the most stable version for development. This should also change your NPM version so that may also help. 2 Uninstall global angular package npm uninstall -g @angular/cli 3 Force clear cache npm cache clean --force 4 Just to double check npm cache verify 5 You can also try clearing your %temp% and %roaming% AppData/npm-cache 6 install latest angular package npm install -g @angular/cli@<your-version> 7 if this error still occurs, consider using another shell If this don't solve the problem try to manually locate the package.json file that is throwing an error and investigate.

error Unexpected end of JSON input while parsing near '...

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