Playful dachshund puppies.
  • 26.05.2023
  • 937

The puppies are already 6 weeks old. They are very playful now and you can clearly see their different characters. I put them on colored cat collars so you can see who is who, but if they get stuck or something, I take them off. Loulou is doing very well, she is still wearing her shirt because the puppies jump to her nipples without a shirt. You sent me messages that our Twitter link is not working. (Below the video in the description are all links to social media) I have changed it but it works for me. Would you like to see if it works for you now? Have a great weekend!

Dachshund and Baby Are Best Buds
  • 10.05.2023
  • 2675

Dachshunds are pack animals your baby is part of the dogs pack ad it's precious

Testing our mini dachshund's nose
  • 03.05.2023
  • 1600

Our mini dachshund Mac has a great sense of smell. Whenever we pull meat out from the freezer or bring cheese home in a shopping bag, Mac is quick to sniff them out. We decided to put his nose to the test by playing the shell game with a little dog treat. :)

1 week old miniature dachshund puppies
  • 01.05.2023
  • 1329

1 week old miniature dachshund puppies with their momma.

Wild Tawny Owls Adopt 6 Orphaned Owlets ?? The Full Story | Luna & Bomber | Robert E Fuller
  • 27.04.2023
  • 775

Tawny owls Bomber and Luna warmed hearts around the world after adopting 6 orphaned owlets. This is their story.

Mini dachshund won't get out of bed
  • 22.04.2023
  • 4186

Our miniature dachshund Mac loves to snuggle in the morning. The only things that'll pull him away are breakfast and his dog toys :)

Dachshund’s First Plane Ride
  • 16.04.2023
  • 1973

What good boy, Meatball, and what a great dad you are, Tony! ❤

Smart dachshund
  • 11.04.2023
  • 1650

I love how the first dog takes up 95% of these videos.

Mini dachshund Mac turns 1 year old!
  • 07.04.2023
  • 2380

Our miniature dachshund Mac is one year old! We had a great day, going to our local pet shop, picking up a few new dog toys and a treat or two :)

When you need a dog for protection but get a comedian - Funny Animals 2023
  • 30.03.2023
  • 4176

That dog holding his bowl in front of the turkey was maddd funny. Smart lil guy

Noisy neighbors! Cute & funny dachshund dog video!
  • 27.03.2023
  • 6031

I miss the apartment we rented in St. Petersburg so hard!!! It was so huge that everyone could provide themselves with a sufficient amount of personal space! If you were tired, you could always go to a far room and enjoy the silence and loneliness! Don't think that I don't like Daddy, Mommy and Puppy Jay… But sometimes they can be so annoying and noisy! They don't respect other's privacy at all… I think I should make myself a couple of weekends alone! At the sea for example… I hope you enjoy my new cute & funny dachshund dog video! And... Try not to laugh!

This Puppy Plumber Charge To Much! Cute & funny dog video!
  • 20.03.2023
  • 4515

I think that many of you have younger siblings... Have you ever asked them to do something that you yourself did not want to do? ? For example, you really want a treat but you're too lazy to go to the store... You ask your younger sibling to do it for you and you promise to share a treat or tell some kind of secret ? I confess, I do this all the time with Puppy Jay and sometimes it does not lead to anything good! ?

Art and Artist in One Frame! Cute & funny dachshund dog video!
  • 15.03.2023
  • 2134

How lucky our parents are to have us! In addition to being very handsome and cute, we are very helpful! And I'm not just talking about the fact that parents can pet me and Puppy Jay's belly all day long and thus relieve stress, but also about many other things! For example, we can bark at a phone call or intercom, crawl under the sofa and collect dust on our noses, clean up half-eaten food from the table... Anything! We can even paint the wall if needed! I hope you enjoy my new cute & funny dachshund dog video! And... Try not to laugh!

Little Chihuahua protects and takes care Baby
  • 13.03.2023
  • 2627

My dog was adopted at the same time my son was born they’ve known each other for a decade now and it’s the truest form of love I’ve have ever seen