This Puppy Plumber Charge To Much! Cute & funny dog video!
  • 20.03.2023
  • 1058

I think that many of you have younger siblings... Have you ever asked them to do something that you yourself did not want to do? ? For example, you really want a treat but you're too lazy to go to the store... You ask your younger sibling to do it for you and you promise to share a treat or tell some kind of secret ? I confess, I do this all the time with Puppy Jay and sometimes it does not lead to anything good! ?

Art and Artist in One Frame! Cute & funny dachshund dog video!
  • 15.03.2023
  • 1767

How lucky our parents are to have us! In addition to being very handsome and cute, we are very helpful! And I'm not just talking about the fact that parents can pet me and Puppy Jay's belly all day long and thus relieve stress, but also about many other things! For example, we can bark at a phone call or intercom, crawl under the sofa and collect dust on our noses, clean up half-eaten food from the table... Anything! We can even paint the wall if needed! I hope you enjoy my new cute & funny dachshund dog video! And... Try not to laugh!

Little Chihuahua protects and takes care Baby
  • 13.03.2023
  • 2104

My dog was adopted at the same time my son was born they’ve known each other for a decade now and it’s the truest form of love I’ve have ever seen

Dachshund puppies 4 - 8 weeks old, compilation.
  • 11.03.2023
  • 1247

What a great time with the puppies. I loved making this video to see it all again. I was so busy that time and have so much possibly filmed and not everything posted. All puppies and their families are doing very well. We have a group app together and keep each other informed about everything. We will see each other again if this is possible.

30-Pound Chiweenie Needed To Lose Half Her Body Weight | The Dodo
  • 08.03.2023
  • 1965

I love how she was blissfully ignorant of how big she was and just kept being a happy little nugget.

Funniest and Cutest Dachshund Puppies
  • 07.03.2023
  • 3173

I've had doxies all my life, longhairs especially since 1972, and currently down to only one, Miss Pollyann II, and she has been my service dog most of her life, had her since she was 9 weeks old...she turned 17 in April! Fantastic breed, beautiful, precious dogs. Take care of their long stairs or jumping once they are fully grown! And always hold up their rumps when picking them up! Polly has slowed way down, but is still gorgeous, capturing hearts as she rides through town in a stroller! Fabulous girl...I'm so blessed. Loved your video!!! Much like many memories of many fine dachshunds in my life. Nice job!?☺?elbowbumpgoodvibes

Overheat! Cute & funny dachshund dog video!
  • 03.03.2023
  • 1526

Unfortunately, there is still not a single university in the World where dachshunds would be taught how to do business! This is an advanced program, and this is not taught in a dog school! But I do not despair, because you can learn everything yourself with the help of movies and TV shows! Don't believe me? Huh! For example, the film Dallas Buyers Club showed me that it’s not enough to find your niche and work hard in it, you need to look to the future, be prepared for risks and the fact that one day everything will change, and you will have to reformat your business! And what the movie The Wolf of Wall Street taught me and Puppy Jay... I won't even tell you ??? Do you still think that movies and TV shows are a bad source of knowledge? ?

Puppy's Money Scheme Ruined... Cute and funny dachshund dog video!
  • 26.02.2023
  • 2250

Daddy often remembers the day he bought Puppy Jay his first piano! Especially often he remembers this day on weekends in the morning! ? After all, while he wants to soak up in bed for at least 5 more minutes, Puppy Jay is already at the keyboard and writing new beats! And most often he does it without headphones, says that the body should feel low-frequency vibrations... Oh! It's good that, due to age, my hearing is no longer so sharp and I can sleep peacefully! ? I hope you enjoy my new cute & funny dachshund dog video! Stay tuned! --------------------------- If you love what me and my crew doing - you can support us at Patreon by this link - ? Thank you to all my Patrons and especially to my Top Patrons: Matej Duda, Amanda Cunha de Mello, Laurie Freese, Mary Stevens, Emelia Beckley, James Winter, Kathy Smith, Debbie Kelso, Matthew Hess, Carmen Gonzalez-Mesa and libbygurl1! . You also can support the creation of Doxie Din videos with cryptocurrencies: BTC: bc1qxpng2dwt03y74jrkhjt5k6634a6a4ptzg3qpau ETH: 0x741E19D60C16F73844f436c20a8BfC91ee88dd32 USDT (TRC20) TZBQbUxyxAL2cp98FiFiWBeRCQNSvLf6yo TON: EQCaMO3qBpIo4WySgClY4VJ-DDVyDyT_dqCclqM4GkJXz7Iv --------------------------- Much more of Doxie Din and Puppy Jay funny dogs videos: All our funny dog videos - Our Vlog channel - / doxiefamily Our Shorts channel - / doxiedinsshorts

Coco’s Birthday.
  • 22.02.2023
  • 2618

Happy birthday to Coco and all her siblings! Such good pups, even as fully grown dogs.

Dachshund super smart dog amazes your mind.
  • 20.02.2023
  • 9119

This is my dog PJ. She's really smart. Check here out.

Dachshund Chased by Rabbit
  • 19.02.2023
  • 3855

As someone who has been bitten by a rabbit, I'm telling you they are no joke. Ask any carrot!

What happens when you ignore a mini dachshund
  • 18.02.2023
  • 1474

Our miniature dachshund Mac loves getting our attention and snuggles, so we decided to see how he reacts when we ignore him.

Cute dachshund puppy playing game for dogs on ipad
  • 15.02.2023
  • 2677

So funny! Little fluffy dachshund puppy having a ball playing his new game for dogs on an iPad.

Soldier welcomed home from deployment by mini dachshund
  • 14.02.2023
  • 4252

Soldier welcomed home from deployment by mini dachshund. She missed her Daddy!