var myInt = int.Parse("123"); // this one throw exception if the argument is not a number var successfullyParsed = int.TryParse("123", out convertedInt); //this returns true if the convertion has been successfully done (integer is stored in "convertedInt"), otherwise false.

c# how to convert string to int

int i = 0; // bool to Int32 bool b = true; i = Convert.ToInt32(b); // byte to Int32 byte bt = 3; i = Convert.ToInt32(bt); // char to Int32 char c = 'A'; i = Convert.ToInt32(c); // DateTime to Int32 DateTime dt = DateTime.Now; i = Convert.ToInt32(dt); // Decimal to Int32 decimal d = 25.678m; i = Convert.ToInt32(d); // double to Int32 double db = 0.007234; i = Convert.ToInt32(db);

c# convert to int

int x = 0; Int32.TryParse(TextBoxD1.Text, out x);

convert string to number C#

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