Solution for "batch file write to text file"

echo hello>test.txt rem a single '>' will make a new file if one does not exist, and will overwrite rem a previous file with the same line. to append to the same file, see below echo hi>>test.txt test.txt: ::hello ::hi

batch write to text file

REM # | NOTE: this is for batch files (windows cmd) REM # | EXAMPLE echo This is the text you want in the actual file > NewFile.txt REM # | SYNTAX REM # | echo [insert-text] > [file-name]

batch write file

@echo off echo This is a test> test.txt echo 123>> test.txt echo 245.67>> test.txt rem Or you can use variables: set a=%RANDOM% echo %a% > test.txt

writing to a text file in batch script

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