Best Vine Video Compilation by Crusoe Celebrity Dachshund
  • 03.10.2022
  • 155

Every time I watch your videos they put a big smile on my face, no matter if I'm sad, thanks, I really enjoy them, congratulations for the award

Mini Dachshund Puppy's Dog Sweater Collection
  • 27.09.2022
  • 7913

It’s the first day of autumn, which means sweater weather! The cool fall weather has arrived here in Canada, and Mac’s handmade dog sweaters have already come in handy. So far, The Edinburgh and The Milano knit dog sweaters seem to be his favorites :)

My 14 Week Old Mini Dachshund Puppy | REMI
  • 26.09.2022
  • 4029

I loved seeing all the daschund at the park. Watermelon is my favorite too. It's so sweet how they cuddle. Thank you. ❤❤❤❤

Wiener Dog's Wilderness Survival Show! - with Oakley Dokily the Dachshund!
  • 25.09.2022
  • 2504

In this solo episode featuring Oakley Dokily the adorable little #dachshund, he leads you on his #SurvivalShow through the great wilderness of Northern Ontario. He may just be a little wiener #Dog, but he's got a lot of heart!

Teen Fights Hawk That Tried to Take Yorkie Pup
  • 21.09.2022
  • 6416

It was a life-or-death struggle in a family backyard between a hawk and a little Yorkie. The bird of prey sees the dog, named Lulu, as his next meal, as another terrified Yorkie stands by and watches. Cecilia Celis, 15, grabs a seat cushion and starts hitting the bird over the head until it flies off. Cecilia says the hawk ripped a deep hole in Lulu’s neck, but she got her to the vet’s office just in time. From now on, the teen says she’ll be keeping a closer eye on her pups. #InsideEdition

Dachshund puppy stealin mama's snack
  • 20.09.2022
  • 2025

Your little guy has a personality just like my black and tan, smooth haired doxie. His name is Oliver. Such a smart, sassy, strong willed dog. But it's hard to ever be mad at him. I have 2-3 videos posted of him too.

Most Heartwarming Dogs Reunions with Their Owners That Will Melt Your Heart
  • 19.09.2022
  • 1947

When somebody talks about man's closest animal friend, it must be the dog. Today we have collected some videos of dog and owner reunion. Sit back and let's go

Yorkie hunts a deer.
  • 18.09.2022
  • 1750

Yorkie attacks deer for eating his apples.

Yorkie vs. Ferret
  • 15.09.2022
  • 9336

Very cute!!! You never see a Yorkie and a Ferret together playing.???

Dachshund digging like crazy on owners leg as she thinks a cookie is hidden beneath
  • 12.09.2022
  • 9420

The owner fooled this Dachshund by pretending he hid a cookie underneath his leg, and the dog is doing his utmost to get it.<br>As you may already know, Dachshunds were bred to get vermin out of underground holes. They would go in, grab the animal, and then the farmer would pull their Doxie, along with his prey, out of the hole. It’s why they have a long, low body and huge claws. Those big nails of theirs are made for digging through the dirt, so you shouldn’t be surprised if your Doxie just starts digging on other objects as well when there is something that they desperately want (in this case, the cookie). The longer it takes, she even tries to use her mouth to get there!

84-Year-Old Lady Is Best Friends With This Pup | The Dodo Soulmates
  • 11.09.2022
  • 2516

This little dog's obsessed with her 84-year-old Nana ?

Dachshund trying to catch squirrels
  • 10.09.2022
  • 28069

Dog park? If so, dangerous for your furry loved ones. You have to assume all other pet parents have their pooches up to date on their vaccines. Most don’t.

Cute Puppy protect his owner
  • 09.09.2022
  • 23696

The last time he chased him all the way down like “I tried to be nice now ima have to show u I ain’t playin” LOL

Mini dachshund meets huge dog
  • 08.09.2022
  • 3863

Daisy the Dachshund meets the neighbor's dog. I always get a bit nervous when I see them together. I know the big one well, but still, I keep a close eye on them both. I wouldn't want to see them fighting ! So far though I never had any incident, or even a close call.